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Blue-winged Warbler, Long Beach


Usually found on the east coast, this Blue-winged Warbler visited El Dorado Park in February 2019.  The bird was last seen in Southern California in the 20th century.

Rare Red-flanked Bluetail, Los Angeles


People have been flying in from all over the country to see this rare visitor to Los Angeles, or even the United States.  It’s usually found in Asia and Europe.


Read the LA Times story.

Mountain Bluebird (m), Laguna Beach


After seeing two females (below) two days earlier, I found at least two males and two females on a return visit to Moulton Meadows Park in Laguna Beach..  The male is strikingly more blue.

Mountain Bluebird (f), Laguna Beach



Three Mountain Bluebirds, which are uncommon in this low altitude area, have been hanging out in scenic Moulton Meadows Park overlooking Laguna Beach in Southern California.  This is a female.

Common Nighthawk, Santa Ana River


This was the first sighting of a common nighthawk in Orange County since 1983.  The bird was seen flying over the Santa Ana River in Anaheim at dusk for several days in October. These were taken on 10/25/18.


Prothonotary warbler, Fountain Valley


A rare Prothonotary warbler migrated through Mile Square Regional Park in Fountain Valley this week.

Pectoral Sandpiper, San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary



This Pectoral sandpiper spent several days at San Joaquin.

Solitary Sandpiper, San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary


This Solitary sandpiper was seen along with the Buff-breasted and Pectoral sandpipers.

Greater & Lesser Yellowlegs, San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary


Greater yellowlegs walks in front of a Lesser Yellowlegs.


Greater yellowlegs.


Buff-breasted Sandpiper, San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary

San-Jaoquin_3052Reported to be just the second sighting ever in Orange County, California.